Civil Engineering

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About Civil Engineering Department

Laboratories details: All Laboratories area more than 600 sq. ft.

  • Civil Engineering Lab
  • Strength of Material & Hydraulic Lab
  • Concrete Technology Lab
  • CAD-CAM Lab

Equipments of  Civil Engineering Department :

Civil Engineering Lab:

  • Vicat’s apparatus
  • Compression testing machine with dial gauge
  • Le-chatelier Apparetus
  • Seive-61/Brass
  • Bernoullis Theorem Verification Appatatus
  • Venturi-meter and Orifice-meter
  • Different types of manometers
  • Rock well hardness test machine
  • Friction test apparatus
  • Ring and ball apparatus
  • Flakiness test apparatus
  • Aggregate impact value test apparatus
  • Liquid limit test apparatus
  • Compacting factor machine
  • Potable mixture machine
  • Standard proctor testing machine
  • CBR Testing machine

Survey Instruments :

  • Levelling instrument with tripod
  • Auto level
  • Levelling staff
  • Total Station Instrument with stand
  • Theodolite
  • All instruments for Chain Surveying ( Chain, Ranging Rods, Tape, Arrows etc).